Sue Gurnee



"The first day was hard. I never slept with candles and I didn’t find my clothes. Later, by the third day, I don’t want to go home. There is so much there. It will take me weeks to understand how special this was for me." (EB, Switzerland)

"Don’t you know it is impossible to describe a place that has better vibes than Taos, New Mexico? I had more clear visions there than anywhere. Thanks!" (LP, FLA)

"At first the place was more wild than I imagined. A whole mountain to walk around. I saw 21 deer, 2 pheasants, 7 turkeys, a fox and several owls. I did not see any snakes but I saw one awesome looking spider. I made a necklace of things I found on my hike. I will cherish this trip always. The music was great. Next year I will tell my boss I need 2 weeks off!!!!"
(ET, Germany)

"In my profession involved in 5 star events, I am surrounded by Grand Ballroom parties. There is a world created. Here is a creative world. I am sure to return next year." (MG, Switzerland)

"I can’t wait to see what you’ve added next year. There are always new things happening at your place. Keep up the good work. You are amazing." (NM, NC)