Sue Gurnee

About Us


Growing Wheel International Inc., a tax-exempt organization, is supported solely by volunteers and visiting students. 

When you visit our place in Todd, North Carolina, we support you while you peacefully observe nature, boldly risk new behaviors, vigilantly widen your intuitive abilities…(deep breath)… courageously intensify your values and viewpoints … a n d …widen your multi-sensory experiences while learning through nature’s descriptive metaphors.

In this mountain setting we have productively maintained our clearly defined vision for the past 18 years.


Growing Wheel International’s greater mission has been to find genuine pleasures in the myriad of tasks we perform. This, we believe, forms the energetic gateway toward fulfillment and eventually to authentic contributions.

Over the years we have had the privilege to watch youngsters blossom into integrity-filled adolescents and community-minded adults. This has been an unparalleled joy that led to the expansion of educational programs for students in Europe, Africa, Central America, Mexico and Europe.

Our desire is to continue teaching perception and awareness as the basis for linking students’ choice-making skills to sound ecological and ethical decisions.


For those students who have attended at least one seminar, Growing Wheel offers cozy and quiet one-room cabins for attendees of weekend and 5-day seminars. These rustic wooden buildings have neither electricity nor water but have solar lights, mountain views, and comfortable beds with organic cotton sheets, fresh eco-pillows and quilts.

The cabins have names. The 4 singles are called “Rose”, “Oasis”, “Manitoga”, and “Burma”. The doubles are numbered #1, #2 and #3. We do not charge a set rate for staying at these special places. Guests compensate the organization through donation amounts commensurate with their satisfaction. These cabins are reserved on a “first-come first-served” basis.

Facing west at the end of the gravel road is Havendell, the beloved Guest House. Built in 1927 this classic example of country architecture with wrap-around porches and climbing wild roses is a reflective destination for people who enjoy exchanging ideas and philosophies on the porch while occupying the oversized rocking chairs. Don’t be surprised if you are joined by a purring cat that nestles on your lap. Inside there is a full kitchen, a dining area, 2 sleeping spaces and a pool table.

Built with eco-friendly materials, this 2-story gathering place delights the senses. A wood-fired pizza oven, a classroom, office, entertainment area and large kitchen are available for impromptu meals, rainy day coaching sessions and celebratory events.