Sue Gurnee

Our Projetcs

At our facilities we continue to study the homeopathic effects of transferring energetic frequencies of plant signatures to remote locations to enhance production. Our results have been verified in 2004 by agriculture experts and by an entomology specialist studying the re-entry of insects to varied environments. Our Library Building contains Research Reports from 2000 forward.


Volunteer Projects are diverse and include:

• Ecological Tree of Life Trail Construction
and Erosion Management

• Bio-Inventories 1997-2013 of indigenous
flora and fauna of the property

• Diamond Gardening Project

Tree of Life Trails
As well as at many significant power spots on the property, visitors are welcome to spend time in the gazebos, contemplation buildings and Chapel that are strategically located along the 22 paths that comprise the Tree of Life. These hikes, that can take more than 2 hours to complete, enhance one’s connection between the material and energetic worlds.
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Bio-inventories 1997-2013
Led by state-employed naturalists, more than 30 volunteers have collected detailed information about the plants, trees, animals and birds residing on our 125 acres of preserve. If you are familiar with the local flora and fauna of the north-western mountains of North Carolina, don’t hesitate to share your skills with us next summer. We would love to meet you! During our surveys we pay special attention to local indigenous healing herbs and plants that are the foundation of native healing traditions.

Decades of past pesticide use at the commercial Christmas tree plantations within a mile of our headquarters left its toll on the bird and small mammal population.  Since 1997 we have carefully monitored the return of native songbirds. Each year we become more pleased by the return of birds and bats to the environs following our on-going research projects.
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Diamond Gardening Project
When participants engage in this special venture they begin to assimilate into their lives the personal insights revealed during the seemingly simple project. Diamond Gardening is more than the creation of small diamond-shaped gardens. Cultivated from an experiment that began in 1992, Diamond Gardening has become an “earth changing endeavor”. For more information send email inquiries to for a free e-book download in Spanish, German or English.
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