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  • Writer Retreats

  • Painting Retreats

  • Feast Days

  • Experimental Sonic Projects

  • Performance Improvs

Register soon if you wish to be part of this summer's on-going creative events!

Take a break from your busy routine and write your short story, complete your musical performance piece, or create paintings for your living room or for exhibition. Our cabins are rustic and comfortable. Our friendships are strong and enduring. Our actions are directed toward helping each other achieve the goals.

Each year we create a garden of delicious vegetables and find wonderful ways to serve the guests who are here. Guest speakers from Texas and Germany will grace our gardens in August. Professional and learner artists will share their perceptions in many progressive ways.

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Writers and Painting Retreats

Participants arrive on Friday and enjoy a bonfire (weather permitting). Before dark they are settled into their cabins with comfy quilts for the chilly mountain air. They enjoy a sunny breakfast from 8:00 am until 9:30 am when the participant’s individual creative time unfolds. Each participant receives an individualized picnic basket with his lunch. Called together with the sound of the cast iron dinner bell, evening meals are shared at The House of Five Senses. Entertainment is offered every evening in the Sundown Theatre or at the Spiral Action Theatre. People leave by noon on Thursday after each week-long sabbatical. Participants can stay up to three weeks. (Sorry no pets.)

Feast Days

Have you ever had the pleasure of three stressless days of hiking, relaxing, sharing recipes and eating? We offer these in 2017 during the strength of the full moons in June, July and August. Bring your musical instruments and your favorite recipes to share.

Experimental Sonic Projects

Within the framework of exploration and the value of collaboration, this on-going summer theme is open to sound artists who desire to share their skills and insights. Our non-profit associate, BACC (Bringing Arts Communities Closer) offers a platform for sharing finished work to an international audience through cooperation with KGS publications.

Performance Improvs

Never wanted to be on stage? Our Oration Platform in the middle of the woods is a grand way to practice finding your voice in all its varieties. Don’t be shy – elect to practice being all you can be in the security of nature. Find out more about your capabilities by taking the risk to be.

Intern Positions

If you would like to volunteer at Growing Wheel, you are given a beautiful rustic cabin in which to stay. Chores that fit your interest, and training as you desire to enhance your skills and capabilities are wrapped up into this wonderful summer program.

Keep posted to learn more about other upcoming Assemblies for the community.

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