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Greetings to the new and old friends who are inspired to visit this site


How many hours a day do you hold your smart phone?

Is your phone the first thing you reach for in the morning and the last thing you think about as you recharge it for the next day?

While using your phone do you notice the ambient sounds in your midst?

Have you listened to complaints after severe storms about people’s loss of internet with little notice about the massive stress and loss of feathers experienced by the birds out their windows?

In 2018 expand your awareness and attention to the intricate workings of nature’s world. Connect with the vibrations of animals and widen your language of Energetics. Learn to reestablish inter-species communication. Care about animals’ needs and their instincts. You will learn so much about yourself when you do.

At Growing Wheel, our hundred acre preserve in the Appalachian mountains can widen your awareness to nature’s world.


"Growing Wheel Jubilee 2018"



Summer in Todd, NC, USA:
Seminars, Retreats, Events, and Workshops

Welcome. Mark your calendars for summer 2018.

Enjoy the beauty of the High Country with like-minded folks from around the globe. Personal development and relaxed recreation, creative study, and impromptu expressions are part of the magic that naturally happens beyond the gates at Growing Wheel's headquarters in Todd, NC, USA.

For a long time, we have been preparing for your visit. We designed our hand built houses, cleared forests, created more than two hours of hiking trails in what we have been told is the largest Kabballah land form on the globe. (It spans 100 acres in fields and forest in a mountainous terrain).

We have painted and repainted the 16 cabins so pretty, made the beds up all comfy for you and even have trained almost a dozen cats to nestle on your laps while resting in the rocking chairs on the porch. There still are some weeds in the garden I admit with a sigh, but we will let you put those in the compost if you are insistent. Meanwhile, in the Diamond Gardens you can spot rabbit, deer, the turkey and skunk family, and later, after an evening at the Sundown Theatre you can spy gentle opossums snacking on the crunchy cat food at midnight.

Bring your hiking boots and leave your stress behind.

Growing Wheel has many sweet and local things to offer even to the most sophisticated visitor. We boast that just about anything you could desire we probably have acquired over the 25 years we have be practicing with other visitors just for the pleasure of your visit this summer.

Read on and sign up early for the events of 2018.

Please note: once our cabins are filled we suggest that you do not despair, but instead consider the option of staying overnight in Boone at a hotel and enjoy your days at our campus 10 miles away from town.

Five Day Understanding Intensive

“Awareness to Understanding” - Awareness Projects, fun-filled exercises, Kabbala hikes and mini lessons -all designed to engage participants in multidimensional ways. Build inner circuitry bridges and move from inner awakenings to generalized notions and to widened awarenesses through pleasure-filled activities. With insights each student involved is offered developmental keys to masterfully open deeper understandings and the bonus of intuitional direct knowing.

Five Day Understanding Intensive – Week One
July 18-22, 2018

Todd, NC, USA

Five Day Understanding Intensive – Week Two
July 23-27, 2018

Todd, NC, USA

The Energetics of Close and Caring Relationships - Week-End Seminar
July 28-29, 2018

Todd, NC, USA

What a wealth of carefully formulated insights offered by Sue Gurnee in this power-packed two days of lectures, exercises, and just plain practical fun to widen awarenesses about the energetic components involved through Six Stages of Mutuality.

Class starts at 10 am on July 28, 2018. Gates open at 9 am on Saturday morning for this week-end event.

Register early for these events. You can enjoy one, two or all three of the above Events in combination. Apply to

Juicing Retreats - email for availability

Visit and relax times - email for availability

- no agenda time

Want to come by for chill out days with river kayak excursions, quiet and contemplative times and sundown theatre story swapping or movies in the evenings? You are welcome. Oh, occasional Campfires at the summit and music at Jupiter Circle too. All of these are available, are delicious, and open-hearted.

Since we are tax exempt and a registered 501-c 3 organization, your donations to the organization for chill out days, seminars and week-long events allow us to keep Growing Wheel growing.

Yep. We are all spiffed up in our dandiest clothes and sitting by the pond looking forward to your visit.

Summer Intern Program

Many people have asked about 2018 Internships at Growing Wheel.

It is true that this is the 23rd year we have provided volunteer training experiences to young people.If you like to garden, cook, use hand tools, work with animals, people, or do trail maintenance, there is a place at our world headquarters for you to grow.If you would like to join this wonderful investigative way to expand your awarenesses, please send your letter of inquiry with a personal statement to Susan Gurnee at

Volunteers from the past have explained this Summer Intern Program in the following ways:

"I had never slept in a cabin without electricity. Within days I learned so much about how to live in rhythm with my environment. My skin looks fresh and clear. I feel beautiful inside and out."

"The people that I met this summer will be my friends for life."

"How could I possibly imagine a summer without a visit to Sue Gurnee. She always shares stimulating activities. I just finished feeding a deer some carrots."

"This is not like any summer camp you can imagine. It is a place to learn about the mysteries of nature and the power of energetics. I am not afraid of the mysteries of nature and now I feel more connected to the power of the energy world. I even sang in front of an audience in the theatre. What a huge experience for me. I loved it!"

"Sue Gurnee gives the love that heals. She is relentless in sharing her wisdom and insights. I feel honored to have spent time with her."

"The food was directly from the garden and I was so satisfied eating summer vegetables and no meat."

"I love Growing Wheel. I have a world-wide family and a beautiful setting where I feel at home."

Looking For A Summer Job?

Each year we also open our doors to those interested in paid positions at Growing Wheel. These include full time cook, housekeeping and a fix-it person. If you have these special skills and desire to work here for the summer send a letter of inquiry with your resume to


The mission of Growing Wheel International Inc. is as follows:

• To promote community awareness of health and healing through research, education, publishing and teaching.

• To assist individuals and groups to increase their awareness of the energetic interactions that take place with people, animals and the environment.

• To engage in creative group endeavors to enrich self-esteem and self-leadership skills of all involved.

Since our incorporation, the communities we serve have expanded. Students of all ages can participate via new technologies. Currently we serve our mission through teaching across the United States and Europe.

Come and grow with us!

Only thing I forgot to include...please leave your pets with a kind guardian until you return home. We have a "no pet" policy at our campus. Thanks.