Sue Gurnee

Greetings to the new and old friends who are inspired to visit this site


Growing Wheel International is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization enjoying more than 25 years of volunteer collaboration while maintaining our 3-fold mission.

“We cater to those who wish to bring the art of mutuality into all collaborative undertakings. Whether engaged in rote daily tasks or while stretching to fulfill challenging goals, we love to add a sparkle of spirited interaction salted with humor and served with a side of the unexpected.”


“Come play with us!” beckons director, Sue Gurnee.



At our campus surrounded by forests and fields, we offer the joy of the High Country in a hand-built setting forged by decades of volunteers who enjoyed sharing time and skills.



Check the dates for our seminars at distance! Join us for Afternoon Tea at our newly developed Cordial Tea Events.

At the Diamond Gardens:

Volunteers who have been vaccinated are spending time stretching their muscles at our 3 Diamond Gardens sharing stories of plans ahead around the campus. There is a lot to catch up with and much enthusiasm has been generated by two old friends who are eager to spend outdoors time on the Tree of Life Trails preparing them for the season.

So our chain saws, weedeaters and hedge clippers are in the local shop getting tidied up for weekend get-togethers that begin on the patio of the House of Five Senses where we offer beverages and snacks while our Crew Leaders keep us laughing with lock-down/stand up comedy lines we all relate to. Here we Welcome Spring with gratitude to our new team of volunteers who will not let Growingwheel international Headquarters look unloved.

So more pictures follow. You will learn more about our helpers as all will be contributing to the “Tell us About Your Name” Fun.

Nine of the rustic cabins will be available for guests this summer. Currently we are interviewing for enthusiastic summer helpers.

Welcome Spring!


We are a health-oriented organization. We strive for sustained well-being. If you decide to come this summer for a visit, choose to find peace on the New River while on a gentle kayak float trip, tune up your body through one of our 22 established hiking trails.

For the adventurous, we offer seminars, workshops, hands-on projects, and ongoing-Growing Wheel traditions. Each day we celebrate optimistic enthusiasm with a wide diversity of participants who come from near and far.

Our annual volunteer Intern Program continues to attract young adults and on-going learners who desire to widen their abilities while sharing their skills and expertise. From Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Spain and many points around the USA, diverse-aged volunteers spend time with us and gain CEU points for continuing education.

We enjoy the pleasures of projects of camaraderie. Some say it is their most favorite place to unwind and rejuvenate. After work we love to play music, relax, and share common ground values of trust and caring. These times in Todd remind us of who we are.

We love to be creative. Let your creativity blossom and enjoy the pleasures of our newly completed plen air deck for landscape painting. Try out our Color Lab in a repurposed Airstream Sovereign. Spend time communing with the garden Divas while weeding and watching the plants grow.

Be delighted as we concoct lavishly presented meals from our gardens and augment these tasty offerings with delicacies from nearby organic farms. (We serve vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan choices, too!)


And in the evenings …if you decide to stay overnight, we offer a few rustic cabins. But before you dream, grab a comfy seat and lap robe for our outdoor theatre with uplifting-themed movies and inspirational documentaries presented on the deck of the House of Five Senses. Our puppet stage in the Octagon Sundown Theatre brings out surprise Talent Night fun. Sometimes we even laugh so much we hope the evenings never end. Yes, we have been called “a quiet oasis on the end of a dirt road where love and peace and caring are not words left in the past or forgotten.” These are our sustainable ways to keep America great.




Summer in Todd, NC, USA:
Seminars, Retreats, Events, and Workshops

Check our calendar to find out more.


About Sue Gurnee

Director, Sue Gurnee remains your host while you visit Growing Wheel. Dr. Gurnee is a kaleidoscope of knowledge and experience. If your interests are in self-renewal, community expansion, geology, flora, fauna, or construction, making music, painting landscapes outdoors, or cooking, her skills can satisfy your interests in a snap.

“Over the years at Growing Wheel we have gathered many ways to make your visit memorable.” says Sue. Sue is an endless resource from which to make your time in Todd a non-forgettable collection of awareness-opening experiences."

“Tune-in at the Color Lab. Commune at the Chapel. Hike to Crown and release your stress. Orate at our Spiral Staircase tower in the Forest. Take a class to learn Growing Wheel Methods to rebalance cross-currents of energy inside.”

Sue enthusiastically shouts,

“Take a SpiralAction Course!
Expand your awareness. Grow with us!”

Come and grow with us!

Only thing I forgot to include...please leave your pets with a kind guardian until you return home. We have a "no pet" policy at our campus. Thanks.