Sue Gurnee

Greetings to the new and old friends who are inspired to visit this site


I can't wait to share the summer happenings with you, Retreats, a workshop, a summer seminar and feasting days.

Writer Retreats

Newly this year we offer one, two, and three week-long “Writer Retreats” Whether prose, poetry or music, here is a wonderful opportunity for you to challenge yourself to finish a project in an encouraging setting. There is a bonus for writers. You may be eligible to have your creative work published in an international magazine that is online worldwide. More? Each participant enjoys a rustic cabin, breakfast with the group, picnic lunches at your doorstep and healthy vegetarian dinners daily. Access to Wi-Fi, use of the facilities, hiking trails, and camaraderie with others taking time from their busy lives to focus on their projects of choice. Suggestion donations to the non-profit tax-exempt organization can be paid by check or through paypal to insure a cabin.

Music, Music, Music!

Musicians explore with us this summer! Our ongoing project called “Beyond the Octaves” continues. In our Diamond Gardens sound artists are invited to incorporate the use of electronic equipment to harmonize with the sounds of plants. If you are interested in more details of our research and performance processes, we look forward to hearing from you.

Seminar "Time To..."

Enrich your relationship to the unyielding element of time. Build an energy program following the steps outlined by facilitator, Sue Gurnee to help you align with time’s rhythm. Find ways to become more efficient throughout the day by integrating the involuntary and voluntary thoughts into a unified direction. Release inner pseudo-solutions that cause you to procrastinate. Make your vital energy into a supportive ally to help you in tangible ways to achieve your goals.

A Feast Gathering

Coming soon -- a 3-Day Cooking Extravaganza. Of course this includes plenty of eating and sharing of recipes and talents. If you are interested in our “Feast Gathering”, you are invited to participate. Registration is limited. Please email us for more details if you wish to be involved.

Outdoor Painting Intensives

Painters who would like to paint outdoors, we welcome you to join us for personal intensives. With your own easel, stool, and materials you can wander over the hundred acres of property and immerse yourself in the beauty of the High Country while creating large or small paintings from nature. For those who wish to exhibit these, you will have the opportunity to be the first artists at the Spiral Action Theater Exhibition space.

Summer Intern Program

Many people have asked about 2017 Internships at Growing Wheel.

It is true that this is the 22nd year we have provided volunteer training experiences to young people.If you like to garden, cook, use hand tools, work with animals, people, or do trail maintenance, there is a place at our world headquarters for you to grow.If you would like to join this wonderful investigative way to expand your awarenesses, please send your letter of inquiry with a personal statement to Susan Gurnee at

Volunteers from the past have explained this Summer Intern Program in the following ways:

"I had never slept in a cabin without electricity. Within days I learned so much about how to live in rhythm with my environment. My skin looks fresh and clear. I feel beautiful inside and out."

"The people that I met this summer will be my friends for life."

"How could I possibly imagine a summer without a visit to Sue Gurnee. She always shares stimulating activities. I just finished feeding a deer some carrots."

"This is not like any summer camp you can imagine. It is a place to learn about the mysteries of nature and the power of energetics. I am not afraid of the mysteries of nature and now I feel more connected to the power of the energy world. I even sang in front of an audience in the theatre. What a huge experience for me. I loved it!"

"Sue Gurnee gives the love that heals. She is relentless in sharing her wisdom and insights. I feel honored to have spent time with her."

"The food was directly from the garden and I was so satisfied eating summer vegetables and no meat."

"I love Growing Wheel. I have a world-wide family and a beautiful setting where I feel at home."

Looking For A Summer Job?

Each year we also open our doors to those interested in paid positions at Growing Wheel. These include full time cook, housekeeping and a fix-it person. If you have these special skills and desire to work here for the summer send a letter of inquiry with your resume to

The mission of Growing Wheel International Inc. is as follows:

• To promote community awareness of health and healing through research, education, publishing and teaching.

• To assist individuals and groups to increase their awareness of the energetic interactions that take place with people, animals and the environment.

• To engage in creative group endeavors to enrich self-esteem and self-leadership skills of all involved.

Since our incorporation, the communities we serve have expanded. Students of all ages can participate via new technologies. Currently we serve our mission through teaching in Africa, Central America, across the United States and Europe.